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Healthy Dog Treats You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Dogs love treats! we have a tendency to like to provide our dogs special treats as a token of our love & feeling, or as a present throughout coaching sessions. For the foremost half, we've had 2 options; purchase packaged  dog treats from the pet store or provide our dog table food as treats.

Packaged treats from the pet store will get pricy. additionally, they typically contain ingredients we have a tendency to might not wish our dogs to own an excessive amount of of, and a few ingredients that sound downright shivery. Things like humectant, Glycerin, orthophosphoric acid, sugar, salt and Starch area unit all things most folks don't desire our dogs to eat. Even questionable healthy dog treats contain ingredients like these.

As way as table food goes, most foods area unit unhealthy at the best and plenty of are literally deadly to dogs. Chocolate topnotch the list of foods that area unit harmful to dogs. Others embody onion, garlic, grapes & raisins, macadamia tree loco and alcohol. albeit you're conscientious regarding not feeding your dog these foods directly, ready foods could contain them. Foods like stuffing, muffins, cookies, dips, chips, sauces & gravies and different foods could contain ingredients that area unit harmful to dogs. I accustomed boil plain chicken, liver or beef for my dogs to use as treats however with a busy schedule, that got previous quick. additionally, an excessive amount of meat is not smart for them.

I realized that if I wished to scale back my use of packaged  dog treats and not need to boil chicken and meat for my dogs on a relentless basis, I required to search out another choice. when some analysis I learned that a lot of fruits and vegetables area unit healthy for dogs which dogs really love the style. the general public have already got existing a myriad of healthy snacks their dogs would love. Not solely area unit the foods below safe and healthy for dogs, however most dogs realize them delicious. attempt many of those healthy treats to ascertain which of them your dog takes a feeling to. I bet you will be stunned.

- Bananas
- Apples
- Sweet Potato
- Pumpkin
- Carrots
- Snap peas
- Pineapple
- Broccoli
- Organic Applesauce
- Organic spread
- Light yoghurt

My Siberian husky, Isis, fully loves sweet potato and pumpkin! My Canis Minor, Phoebe, prefers carrots and bananas. after I high them with to a small degree of organic applesauce or spread, they're in dog heaven! I typically have several of those foods in my room at any given time, and that i will feel smart regarding giving my cherished Fur-kids healthy, delicious treats.

As a long dog lover and animal shelter volunteer I share what I've learned with others through my journal and articles.

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